Friday, February 17, 2012

A Child Left Behind

                                                                 A Child Left Behind

In far away Germany there is a lonely grave, no flowers placed over it.
To look for a cross or a name would be in vain, no one knows whose grave this is.
Many years ago a baby was born and died, taken to soon and only his memory lives in my mind.
Every year on his birthday, no flowers are place, the clock of time has worn away and obscured it's image. Maybe someone young will place a flower and say a prayer for the lost grave left behind.
Francisze Brejwo

My brother , Franciszek was born in Diepholz Germany on May 5, 1946. He died on July 8, 1946 , just a baby. He was buried in Rehden Cemetery . The cause of death was Febrile intestinal catarrh.  It took me almost a year to find his grave with the help of Falk Liebezeit and the  International Tracing Service.  In the letter I received from Falk Liebezeit , he states that " Some grave markers were made of concrete and did not stand the heat and frost over more than sixty years. The Brejwo grave marker was no longer there when the Polish graves and grave markers were set into a decent shape in 2006, the grave markers were cleaned."  The Head marker with the name  Sauter is still there so they  did find out he is buried in that spot but no headstone. It breaks my heart when  I  think of him , long forgotten. The photo was taken in Rehden Germany before my parents were once again displaced to another DP camp. I can't even imagine how my parents must of felt leaving a Child behind and never able to visit his grave.  I was able to get a copy of his death certificate  and happy that  I did , it is an  answer to one of my many questions and puts my mind at peace.

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